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Title T-Mobile MDA Compact V Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM Udate
Released 2009 Nov 18
Version N/A
Author T-Mobile UK
Category:   ROM Update

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* Make sure your phones battery is fully charged up before you start downloading.

Personal Stuff

* Youll need to save all your personal data before you start downloading. Thats because the upgrade will delete personal info including software applications, T-Mobile downloads, web favourites, POP3 emails, texts and picture messages. To save it, you can use a storage card or Active Sync, which saves your data from your phone to your PC (but remember that Active Sync only saves data from Outlook such as contacts, tasks, appointments, files etc).

Email settings

* Make a note of your email settings before you upgrade as theyll be lost and will need to be reconfigured.

During the upgrade


Upgrading takes about 20-30 minutes if you are using a USB, but itll take longer if youre not. During this time, dont do anything else with your PC (such as start another application like Microsoft® Word or Excel) because your phone could crash. Also, try not to let the screen saver or power save mode kick in, as this could affect your upgrade too.

Applications – Co-Pilot Navigation Re-activation

Please note that if you have subscribed to Co-Pilot Navigation, the key / license will need to be reactivated as follows:

1. On the Compact V, go to Menu > Settings > System > Remove Programs, and remove Co-pilot, once removed go to file explorer on the main menu and browse to Windows and scroll to cpl7 and press and hold and select delete.

2. Browse (normally on your storage card) to Co-pilot folder > Press and hold on the ‘Save Folder’ and delete it (don’t delete the Co-pilot folder) only the save folder.

3. Go back file explorer to browse to Windows again and scroll to a file called and select it, it will prompt you to install the Co-pilot and if given the option install it to the device.

4. Once the installation is complete you need an internet connection to re-activate your subscription, open the Co-pilot, you may be prompted to start a 7day trial, if so click ‘Next’ and you should be presented with an 18 month subscription choice.

5. Select 18 months and click ‘Next’ your browser security may give you a warning, select ‘Yes’ then a message is given that it could take a few minutes to activate, if its longer, click ‘Next’ again until the message of a successful activation is given.

6. Re-open the Co-pilot and the software should now be in working order again.
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