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General AttributesGeneral Attributes: 
Developer Apple
Full Name WatchOS 6
Released 2019 Sep 19
Short Name WatchOS 6

Operating System Kernel:   Mach
Operating System Family:   Apple iOS / iPadOSiOS / iPhone OS / iPadOS family

Hardware EnvironmentHardware Environment: 

Supported CPU Instruction Set(s):   ARM instruction set

Additional InformationAdditional Information: 
Cycle Tracking

New Cycle Tracking app to log information about your menstrual cycle including flow level, symptoms, and spotting
Option to log fertility metrics, including basal body temperature and ovulation test results
Period predictions and notifications to let you know when your next period is approaching
Fertile window predictions and notifications to let you know when your fertile window is approaching


View the decibel levels in your environment in real time with the new Noise app
Option to be notified if the noise in your environment rises to a level that could affect your hearing over time
Available on Apple Watch Series 4

Voice Memos

Record Voice Memos using Apple Watch
Listen to Voice Memo recordings through the built-in speaker on Apple Watch or connect a Bluetooth device
Rename recordings with Dictation or Scribble
New memos automatically sync across your iPhone, iPad, or Mac with iCloud


Sync audiobooks from Apple Books on your iPhone to Apple Watch
Sync up to five hours of the book you’re currently reading
Stream audiobooks when connected to Wi-Fi or cellular

App Store

Discover and install apps for Apple Watch with the new App Store
Browse curated apps and collections
Search for apps using Siri, Dictation or Scribble
View app descriptions, reviews, and screenshots
Support for Sign in with Apple


Track your Activity trends in the Activity app on iPhone
Trends surfaces your activity metrics averaged over the last 90 days compared to your performance over the last 365 days; metrics include: move, exercise, stand, stand minutes, distance, cardio fitness (VO2 max), walking pace, and running pace
View specific coaching tips to get back on track if trend arrows are pointing down


New current elevation metric for Outdoor Run, Outdoor Walk, Outdoor Cycle and Hiking workouts. Available on Apple Watch Series 2 and later
Stopwatch app can now be continuously viewed on your watch face during workouts
Shuffle your Workout music playlist
Adds GymKit support for True and Woodway


Identify the song playing around you with Shazam—get song and artist information and the ability to add to your Apple Music library
Support for Siri web search—see up to 5 results for web searches and tap to view website content optimized for Apple Watch
Siri integration with redesigned Find People app supports location queries

Watch Faces

Numerals Mono and Numerals Duo—Digital faces available in Arabic, Arabic Indic, Roman numerals and Devanagari
Meridian—A black or white dial that fills the screen and includes four subdial complications (Series 4 only)
Gradient—Dynamically changes design as time passes. Available in full screen or circular with up to five complications (Series 4 only)
California—Available in multiple numeral styles including Roman, Arabic and Devanagari, full screen or circular (Series 4 only)
Solar Dial—Track the sun’s path in circular form mapped across a 24-hour dial (Series 4 only)
Modular Compact—Display enriched complications with the option to choose between Analog or Digital time (Series 4 only)
Tap to Speak on all watch faces with support for over 30 languages
Option to receive and customize time-keeping chimes—set to receive an alert on the hour, every half hour, or every 15 minutes either with haptics or a customizable audible chime
Reorder watch faces directly from your Apple Watch
New complications for Audiobooks, Calculator, Cellular Connectivity, Cycle Tracking, Noise, Wind, Rain and Voice Memos
New monochrome complications in Infograph and Infograph Modular

Other features and improvements:

New Calculator app with the ability to calculate tips and split the check
Podcasts app now supports custom stations
Maps includes Smart Guidance and spoken navigation
Redesigned Now Playing app supports Apple TV remote controls
Personalized music picks are now available in For You
Automatic software updates
Redesigned Walkie-Talkie app
More settings directly available on Apple Watch including Accessibility, Workout and Health
Redesigned Find People app lets you add friends, set notifications and change settings on Apple Watch
View shared lists, subtasks and add new reminders right from within the redesigned Reminders app

Compatible: Apple Watch S3 or above

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