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New to PhoneDB? We help you discover it.

PhoneDB is the world's largest smartphone, tablet, PDA and mobile device database and it also provides various services to utilize the power of this unique resource. Start here to learn how PhoneDB can help you with selecting the right device for you

Looking for Device specifications? You are at the right place.
PhoneDB encompasses thousands of detailed device specifications datasheet. They are accessible from several places. Main Page and Device Database Headlines summarizes tha latest and most relevant devices but you can also simply search for a specific device if you know its name by using the search box on the top.

Don't forget to switch to detailed datasheet (by pressing expand buttons or expanding shortened texts) view if you need more information about a specific device and click on datasheet links to obtain more details about a processor, an operating system or a vendor (mobile carrier).

Are you looking for the the most suitable device for your needs?
PhoneDB helps you find the possible devices and make the decision. Enter your relevant requirements and let the paramteric search tool do the job. Device Search Tool is the best tool for discovering mobile devices which perfectly meet your requirements. For advanced searches switch to detailed mode

If you successfully narrowed down your search results to a device wishlist or you only would like to compare some interesting devices you can seamlessly compare them by adding each to the comparison. Although we predefined a lot of relevant comparisons of competing devices in Competitors section too.

Firmware upgrades, hotfixes, user manuals and other documents for your mobile device
Our device database is full of useful information but that's not all. We are tirelessly adding contents to our Repository which is very useful when you seek for software upgrades, user guides or any other documentation for your device.

Do you want to take a closer look or different view? The answer is our high resolution photo gallery
Gallery contains tons of high quality, high resolution photos of devices in database. Search for the desired view, see it, download it and take pleasure in observing the details.
Difficulties when using Search Tool?
Review these hints and tips to improve your parametric searches:

1 The more fields you fill in the less there are results
2 Empty fields do not affect the query
3 If a device feature is irrelevant for you leave that field empty or select Ignore option in drop-down menus and multi-checkbox lists. In this case query will be independent from the given feature
4 Select the Any ... option in drop-down menus and multi-checkbox lists if you require the given feature but you do not care the exact kind of that feature. In this way you can look for a specific device feature independently from the exact kind of that feature. Only those devices will be listed which include the given feature.
5 Use the No ... option in drop-down menus and multi-checkbox lists to exclude a specific device feature. Devices including the given feature will not be listed.
6 In those cases where there are only a separate checkbox: tick the checkbox off if you require the given feature and leave it empty if the given feature is irrelavant for you
7 All text fields (brand, type, etc.) are case insensitive (for example iPhone is equivalent to iphone)
8 You cannot only define maximal and minimal values in numeric fields, but exact numeric values by entering the same value to maximum and minimum fields where it is possible (Release Date, CPU clock, ROM, RAM, mass, etc.)
9 If you enter too low (lower than the maximal respective value in the database)or too high values (higher than the maximal respective value in the database) into the numeric search fields the tool will correct the value to the nearest possible value
10 If you enter higher minimal value than the entered maximal value into numeric fields the tool will raise the maximal value to match with the entered minimal value
11 Do not enter invalid datatype values into the text fields (for example, do not enter textual or negative values to mass or CPU clock fields. The tool will ignore them.
12 In some select menus (CPU, Operating System) a number between [ and ] after an option ( e.g: Snapdragon 855 SM8150 [151], iOS 12 [37] ) means how many devices are in the database which has the feature which the option refers to
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